The highlight of the outing was the fact that mister "Never Fallen Mountain Biking," Casey Gordon, splattered in a pretty dramatic fashion. He was riding downhill at 20 mph and noticed his front quick release was partially open. Being young and brash he started kicking it. Then, he decided to check the rear. When he looked back up he was off the trail, headed for a tree.

His front wheel went just to the right of the tree. The impact of his handle bar on the tree cause the rear of his bike to go left around the tree, and his body (left foot already unclipped) to go to the right, into a bush. His left arm was scraped, left knee bruised and cut.

On the positive side, he had a great time restaging the event later on and telling the story several times. Casey said he had just taken his IPOD off his left arm. It would have been smashed. If the tree hadn't stopped him, he would have run into barbed wire. - Photo by Stan Ford Original image

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