Alaska - Mona and Stan's 30th Anniversary Trip

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01 Day 1 - Tundra Hike Near Camp Site

02 Camp on the Jack River near Denali National Park

03 Day 2 - Early in the day

04 Lakes at Denali National Park

05 Hiking to Horseshoe Lake

06 Horseshoe Lake at Denali National Park

07 Mt McKinley

08 View from the Jack River camp site

09 Dan and Frank with the only bear we encountered

10 Mona checking out the silk flowers

11 Along the Denali Hwy

12 Our Group - Dan, Frank, Stan, Joe, and Mona

13 Day 3 - Bridge en route to the Gulkana Glacier

14 Flower on the Gulkana Glacier

15 Gulkana Glacier 1

16 Gulkana Glacier 2

17 The Return

18 Alaskan Oil Pipeline

19 Day 4 - Panning for gold

20 Liberty Falls - Videotaping

21 2004-07-10_15h28m00s-e

22 Top of the falls

23 Catwalk under bridge

24 Flowers at our McCarthy camp site

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